What do you think about the universe?

Since we where born, our inner soul has always yearn for some kind of connection to the universe, It’s a feeling you can’t quite understand either we are apart of the universe or just here with no meaning at all, our auras are always connected  to the universe in many ways love, happiness and positive thinking and more. These are some of the free things we get from the universe that keeps us connected. You might think the universe is just all about Vines, Mars and Jupiter. Trust me it  is a lot more complicated than you might think. Are you connected to the universe?


   A positive mind is a gift that has been deposited in you before you where sent down from heaven, so it is left up to you to refresh your thoughts everyday.

                                   Kester Hogundipe


Today I’m going to introduce. T.M.P.P to you all. Carry this with you throughout your days of your life, Just remember to stay focus and all your dreams will come true.

                you are; The Most Positive Person 

“Hating is a disease”

Hating is a disease, people will try to destroy your goals and your heart, happiness, positive thinking and more. there are two words we act on daily, love and hate. Which one do you chose? Please stop hating on each other, help me restore love back here on earth today.


Positive thinking is the place where you draw the things of good. It also work for the opposite! That’s the key! So to live a fulfilling life, to the best. To bring peace on earth, you must demand that the universe send positive things from your positive thoughts. 


Walk slow or walk fast, don’t never stop fighting for your dreams.people will tell you that you can’t accomplish anything.Close your ears to them all and staying focus, concentrate on your dreams. Today your standing tall finally here. You showed them all.