Long have I awaited, My purpose finally know. Long has my soul cried out to me my purposes is my own. Listen to your heart it knows, thru its path is paved.Learning only recently, my destiny yet to be played.Helping others, similar goal in mind yearning to see the light.Having been blessed by keen insight. I dedicate the rest of this life to those who have the need. To understand the truth of god its time, I must proceed.  ITS TIME

Pepper poetry


You smile Happiness is worth you walking many miles. We giggle because it feels good inside. I like to laugh real hard because it sooth the soul. Laughing is apart of me and when I laugh I am free. So laugh all day long sooth that inner child inside of you.


When you wake up in the morning go to the mirror, say something positive to start your day. By repeating these positive thoughts over and over you are rewiring your brain. Brain cells that fire together wire together, pronouncing positive words to your life and the more you do this keeps you connected to the universe.


The first thing we think about after we say “I LOVE YOU” Is whether we will hear it back or not. Why think about it? just say it because we need more love in this world. So tell somebody you love them today. so all action becomes a reaction. “LOVE IS FREE”