FInding out who and what you are and the purpose you was created for is what life is all about. To learn what you have inside you and where it comes from to the point it is meant to be used, if this is a understanding of the gifts that are given then living this life will be a successful life to live. With purpose your existence shows the glory of the Creator and all that he has to give.You can become a force in this world that will produce life in every form and on every level that you endure. In being apart of this force – the universe – you help save broken people. You help take stress away from the depressed. it’s a place you enter that a majority will always want to be around you. So that they can draw the energy from this force. As you continue being this blessing, you most stay connected to the universe so that you don’t get side-track from what it is you have to do in every situation that you encounter. Most importantly, you most feed yourself! Without your energy you only become desolate, non-productive, a destroyer of life. Some will try to suck you dry, some will try to nibble on you for longevity to keep themselves fed only because they are in fear of change. Use you to benefit not wanting to be a part of the┬ápositive movement. You have good and evil but they are choices. The Creator gave us free will. What do you choose? I’ve chosen my destiny and am on a path of success. To be honest I’m a successful person who has learned to live on a higher level of life and you can too. This in turn gives me help at producing more life to make this world a better place to live. I have a positive forces inside me driving me to be universal to become one with all that exists in this realm and eventually evolving to every place in time that space takes up. I understand to have over stood that I know where I am and where I want to be. In this time that I am living I have the world and it’s weight on my shoulders, only to be carried for my Creator to show his sprit for all to see. A walking testimony, a ball of energy, a positive entity for the purpose to produce more life out of life. How nice, what a right! Not for riches but for the spirit operating in the realm of universe. It has become me I finally can say I’m free, my freedom is in me, I am and have become one with the universe now I am the one! That is: I am all things that exists!!! Are you connected to the universe? Test yourself today at


  1. I’m so lost for words all I can say is I’m going to take this test right away it will be worth 99cent I know from reading this wonderful paragraph. I most see if I’m connected to the universe.

  2. What am like now is thinking positive and guiding my heart towards the right way. I’m taking the test right now I use it as my daily guild

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