Imagine how you would feel, if you falt about me, the way I feel about you. Imagine how you would live, if you lived without me, the way that I live without you. Imagine the feelings of your heartbeat, when it beats for someone you care for, someone you love, someone you trust, need and adore, and wants for nothing more. Imagine your way was my way, and my way was your way, and you loved me unconditionally, forever more, regardless of circumstances that life beings to your door. Imagine living in a world where someone loves you and only you, someone you can depend on, talk and listen too, to confide the secrets in the most inner depth of your soul. Imagine happiness in its truest and rerest form, understand what you have is real, because they have been there for you before, during and surviving after the storm. Imagine what it would be like, if you could draw a picture of an emotion, look at how beautiful life is, when you love someone for who they are and not because of finances or material gain, but the love that God intended to run so deep through our vain.

Now only if you can Imagine. 

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