Imagine how you would feel, if you felt about me the way I feel about you. Imagine how you would live, if you live without me, the way that I lived without you. Imagine your feelings of your heart beat, when it beats for someone you care for, someone you love, someone you trust, need and adore, and wants for nothing more love is forever and ever and so much more.

4 thoughts on ““IMAGINE”

    • Thank you Ayodele Kester that’s what I love, bring out the best in people…;0) I’m happy to hear that.

    • Yes I am, and I’ve been connected to the universe since I was little about 6 years old is when I knew I was different. It’s a feeling of everlasting happiness, love and more take the test, and see if your connected to the universe. thank you for your comment and your time come back and see me I have many more blogs. Please support me in my promotional take off post a positive or happiness quote or tell me what you think about the universe you can win $25.00 thanks again.

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