The gift of positive thinking

Do you believe you can experience Love, Happiness, Joy everyday you live on this earth? Studies are showing record breaking stories of thinking positive meditating and believing in the fruit of the spirit. Believing is an essential element of focus. All because it creates the realm of hope. Hope drives your feeling into creating. The food we feed our mind, body, and souls is all the elements necessary to produce the experience we all longed for. Let me tell you this story during my research. There was once a time we as humans possessed the power of being God’s! One day our God found that we as humans didn’t understand our full potential in having these gifts! It was from a lack of knowledge in knowing how to us them! It was the power to create whatever we wanted. These great strengths were hidden not in the earth, not at the top of the mountains nor in the bottom of the ocean! It seems we would have searched these areas and found them again! My research has shown that the place we wouldn’t look so quick was inside ourselves! I wonder why? God is the creator of all, and he created us to enjoy life to the fullest in abundance! God created us outta love! Which love is the strongest emotion that leads us to true happiness! To experience joy ¬†and the prosperity to the level of our knowledge! This is were our life come from a positive state.

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