“What’s your connection to the universe?”

 The question is; what is being connected to the universe? In being connected you have the power to change all thing in your life. The source to gain all knowledge from the un-known. The knowledge to over exceed any and all obstacles that life can throw as challenges. The knowledge to gain the wisdom to all understanding. In being connected you give yourself un- limited access to govern over all. It’s sort of like being in that state of image we was created for. This image is being connected to the one and only true being that exist. For me my connection gives me the power to drive and push forward for the betterment of all life. Learning and knowing that everything will come to pass in a positive light. To be connected, you have to get on one page in one accordance with the wave length of energy. That is where your connection comes from. To be honest, you have a positive and a negative. In knowing what you can choose. Feeding your mind and heart and soul will show of what you are connected to. The universe is of good and is meant for the positive, so in being connected you know your state of existence. you become one with all things and have knowledge to connect with all. The flowers, the trees, the wind, the water and even the fish in the sea! All the way to the solar system to the solar system. In this connection you become one with all that has been created and will come after all that exist now! My connection to the universe falls under love. Like the verse in the bible “God so LOVED the word”. Loving is the most powerful and loving tool that is mandatory to begin connected. You must have a heart of love in order to connect. Without  love, life is lost. So to all that has read this questionable quote; I ask; What is your connection to the universe? Get connected to the universe today at sadinanewbeginning.com test yourself today.

12 thoughts on ““What’s your connection to the universe?”

    • thank you Benjamin Olami for stoping by tell everyone you know, and you can come back too. I have many blogs you can comment on have fun. Also support me in my promotional take off post a positive or happiness quote or you can tell me what you think about the universe? You can be the lucky winner of $25.00 good luck!

  1. I will like to take this test and see if am connected to the universe. All i want is to be positive minded

  2. I will like to take this test and see if am connected to the universe. All i want is to be positive minded

  3. The universe is so big for you to choose wisely of those things that will benefits you like, Positivity, Love, Happiness, Unity e.t.c

  4. The universe around us is the all-pervading intelligent ..I allow the universe to point me in the right direction, bring opportunities forward and guide me ….when we talk about universe we also refer to it as GOD if we are connected with God all things are possible…we will always be in Happiness,Joy nd healthy life ..there will be no room for any negative though in our life…

    • I agree God created the Universe for us all to enjoy the free things we get from the Universe LOVE, HAPINESS, POSITVE THINKING, and more…Thank you for sharing Olagold come back and share more of your positive thoughts.
      Love you!

  5. Have test myself and I confirm that am connected to the universe because I got those qualities in me that can make me a successful person in life. Thank you so much. Sadina

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